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Neatsfoot Oils

Neatsfoot oils are specialty oils primarily used in the treatments of leather to replace the natural oil removed from hides during the tanning process. Neatsfoot oils can be used either raw, sulfonated or bi-sulfited.

Neatsfoot oils - used raw, sulfonated or compounded with other materials – are used in water emulsions to replace the natural oil.

Soap emulsions have been used, but because of their coarseness, they do not completely penetrate the leather and are subject to breakdown caused by the chrome leather acids or by stripped vegetable tanning.

To overcome the problems inherent with soaps, Neatsfoot oils, when sulfonated, produce emulsions which are finer in particle size and produce a greater degree of softness to leather. The use of Neatsfoot oil in this operation is less subject to breakdown from tanning chemicals. Since Neatsfoot oil is non-drying, it will not cause embrittlement or hardening of the leather on aging. Neatsfoot oil is also used in the manufacture of lubricants and textile oils.

Shipping containers: Non-returnable drums and tank-trucks

Lard Oils

Industrial Lubricants: Lard oils are used primarily as lubricants. They are used as is or sulfurized as lubricity additives in metalworking formulations. Due to their polarity, they have an attraction to metal surfaces while their fatty alkyl groups are extended, giving excellent lubricating properties.

Typical lubricant applications for Lard Oil

  • Cutting Oil
  • Lubricating Oils
  • Drawing Oils
  • Textile Lubricants
  • Buffing & Polishing Compounds
  • Putty & Caulking Compounds
  • Mold Release Compounds
  • Quenching Oils

Pharmaceutical Antibiotic Fermentation: Lard oils are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry in the fermentation of antibiotics. Due to the high caloric content, lard oils are an excellent fat source and nutrient. It also gives the additional benefit of acting as a defoamer during the fermentation process.

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