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There are many products manufactured by Advance Technologies that are commonly used as a raw material or a component for producing anionic fatliquors for leather applications. Fatliquors can make leather shiny and soft to create a good “hand feel” when touching it.  However, the fatliquors are not born the same.  Fatliquors prepared from Neatsfoot oils tend to give a better hand-feel and are long-lasting.  On the contrary, fatliquors produced from vegetable oils end up drying up quickly and make leather brittle and easy to break over time.  The rationale for the difference is not well understood.  That is why Neatsfoot oils are regarded as a superior raw material for fatliquor-manufacturing and are frequently applied to produce middle to high-end leather goods.  Baseball glove serves as a friendly reminder of an ultimate use of Neatsfoot oils.

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